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Spring 2012 Call for Papers: Machismo Church: The History and Future of Masculine Christianity

The PTR would like to invite you to submit an article, exegesis paper, reflection, or book review for publication in the spring 2012 issue on the topic of Machismo Church. Consider the following: The gendered Trinity, patrimony and patriarchy, missiology and consquest, sexuality and the mystical tradition, the male-ness of Jesus, identity politics and ecclesiology, complementarianism and egalitarianims, the attributes of God, and and gender and theo-politics. To address questions like these, we want you — the seminary student aspiring toward pastoral and theological ministry, the PhD candidate in religion, theology, or society, the up and coming professor or the well-established theological educator. Articles, reflections, and book reviews must be submitted no later than March 30, 2012. If you are interested, visit our sumbissions page for futher details. Optimizations and information on how to get 20% off v2 coupon code or 10% off vapor couture - see


Mission Statement

The Princeton Theological Review is a student-run, semi-annual journal that exists to serve students within the Princeton Theological Seminary body as well as the wider theological community by providing a resource that challenges, informs, and equips them to become more effective and faithful witnesses to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is committed to engaging theological issues in ways that are grounded in Scripture, centered on Jesus Christ, formed by the work of the Holy Spirit, and oriented toward the historic confessions and contemporary reflections of the church.