The Princeton Theological Review


Spring 2006


A Tribute to StanleY Grenz





“In Dedication to Professor Stanley Grenz”


by Erik Leafblad



      How I Took Barth’s Chair, and How Grenz Almost Took It From Me

by Ed L. Miller





Straddling the Tasman:
The Relevance of Grenz’s Revisioned Evangelical Theology in the Australasian Context


by Brian Harris



The Implications of Postmodernism for Theology:
On Meta-narratives, Foundationalism, and Realism


by Jim Beilby



Faith Seeking Understanding in a Postmodern Context:
Stanley Grenz and Nonfoundational Theology


by John R. Franke


Grenz’s Theological Method and the Commodification of Religion


by Bradley B. Onishi




Stanley J. Grenz’s Contribution to Evangelical Theology


by Roger E. Olsen


Stanley Grenz, Women in Ministry, and the Trinity: A Model in Practical Theology


by David Komline


Stan Grenz Among the Baptists


by Myles Werntz


Theology for Pastors: Appreciating Stanley J. Grenz


by William Mangrum


Book Reviews


Review of Stanley Grenz’ The Named God and the Question


Review by Keith Johnson


Review of Stanley Grenz’ Rediscovering the Triune God: the Trinity in Contemporary Theology


Review by Daniel McClain


David Hart’s The Beauty of the Infinite: The Aesthetics of Christian Truth


Review by Han-luen Kantzer Komline


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Volume XII, Number 1

Issue 34